Some of Fr. Alan’s favorite websites

All Saints Catholic Church, our spiritual home

Catholic Family Faith, resources for family spirituality and prayer

Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis’ exhortation regarding reform of the Vatican and reinvigoration of the Church’s mission

Laudato Si, Pope Francis’ Encyclical on care for our common home

Lectio divina, instruction about daily contemplation with the Scriptures

Liturgy of the Word, Scripture readings from Daily Mass

Living Faith, a quarterly subscription of daily devotions based on the Scripture readings from Mass

Magnificat, a monthly magazine that offers daily prayers, meditations and the full text of Mass

The Practice of the Presence of God, one of the classics of western spiritual literature

Sacred Space, daily Ignatian meditation hosted by the Irish Jesuits

Theology Library, a collection of documents and references to Church teaching

Universalis, on-line Liturgy of the Hours

The Word among us, a monthly magazine containing the complete text of Mass and daily meditations on the Scriptures

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